2022 – Elements of Change

2022 | Elements of Change.
Another collab with Structure&Narrative (text: Elements of Change). The annual New Year Poster.
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Size: A1, 594x840mm
Print: Offset, PMS 485
Paper: Circle Offset 90 gr/m2

A toxic status quo fighting to maintain position. Creeping stagnation and fragmentation, contaminating hearts and minds.
False comforts slowly fading in the face of inevitable decline. 

Rigid structures to be overcome, composted or maintained. The sharp cold of eternity waiting at every edge of an overwhelming chaos. The old world dies and is never dead.

Desperation, detachment, decay.

The slow rumbling of a dawning realisation. A blinding flash, the striking clarity that nothing will ever be the same. Caught up in the spin of turmoil, it all could resolve in any way.

Acts of creation and exertion of influence. Circumstances coincidental and conspired. Everyday decisions of changing minds, cascading through a world beyond anyone’s control. 

Disruption, transition, acceptance.

Collective aspirational hallucination in a perpetual state of realisation. Thriving abundance in interdependent networks, microbial to cosmic, regenerating under intergenerational care.

Generosity and opportunity, a dynamic equilibrium of equitable growth. Truths faced, visions unleashed and dreams realised. Fulfilment and reconnection emerging in a world we changed.

Release, revelation, rejuvenation.

Elements of change. 


There were two versions of the 2022 Poster design. The blue one was printed and sent.