Avans200 – Le Grand Tour 1812-2012

In 2012 the Academy of arts AKV|St.Joost, nowadays a subsidiary of Avans College, existed 200 years. So the complete Avans College celebrated the 200 years anniversary. We were asked to design the anniversary logo and identity as well as the jubilee book. The outcome is a colorful design that tells the history with typography instead of images. All images from the Avans archive are hidden in the Japanese bound spreads. The only images in the ‘visible’ book are the great contemporary pictures taken by Annegien van Doorn. Bound together in a separate part at the end of the book.

Hardbound, 200 pages, 290 x 230 mm. White linen bound cover. 4 different sorts of paper. 4 extra colours. 7 japanese folded and hidden spreads. 5 fold out pages. 2 quires with a different size. 2 embossments and one foile print.

The limited edition of 200 copies came with an alternative cover and slipcase and a waterlasered 1mm stainless steel bookmarker. 

Made at/with ATTAK
ISBN 9789081959902
Printed by Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel. 
Bound by Boekbinderij Van Waarden, Zaandam.