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-Chance Determined Field Works-

These series of works were initiated by rolling dice. The eyes thrown were interpreted as coordinates on a grid: so chance determined the coordinates of the basis: a moving square the size of one maze of the grid. Series of three moves/steps were connected and combined: forming one shape.

Three series of three throws. So three unique shapes that overlap form the end result.

Randometrics™ was part of Ruby Soho art gallery’s first ever exhibition. A group show called ‘Think Tank’. Showing works of Guido de Boer, Vincent de Boer, Jeroen Erosie, Casper Herselman, Peter Korsman, Tim Mastik, Henny Overbeek and Paul Segers.
Two new Randometrics were made for this show. Collages of black paper, mounted on an offset print, 50×70 cm, editions of 1.
Gallery photos by Thomas van Oorschot.